C h i n e s e  m e d i c i n e  f o r  a l l   a g e s


Singing Bird Acupuncture LLC provides a wide range of techniques and services to employ in a patient's treatment plan including acupuncture, herbology, acupressure/ Tuina massage, guasha, cupping, moxabustion, auricular therapy and support for healthy nutritional choices.

forest pathA treatment plan is a strategy for improving health in which the patient and practitioner draft a methodology that leads the way to a desired outcome, such as: better mobility, less pain, fewer medications, and better over-all health.

Treatment plans are essential in helping patient and practitioner work together to evaluate the success of treatment and are revisited many times before the patient has achieved his or her desired goals. At Singing Bird, treatment plans are designed to address underlying disharmony in the body. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint often reveals relationships between seemingly disparate issues and complaints. Singing Bird treatment plans are solidly grounded in Traditional Chinese Medical theory and always aim to re-build weak systems while supporting healthy ones. At Singing Bird, we believe that a comprehensive, collaborative, and easy to understand treatment plan paves the way to good health for our clients. The central outcome of our initial evaluation is to outline a workable treatment plan. [ top ]

Acupuncture is the process of placing fine hair-like filaments at specific points on the body to move energy, or Qi, throughout a person's system. Acupuncture directly benefits a person's bodily health by increasing circulation, reducing swelling, releasing endorphins, and stimulating the limbic system. At Singing Bird, acupuncture points are carefully selected according to traditional Chinese medical theory and are based on a holistic evaluation of a patient's condition. The acupuncture treatment is designed to bring the patient's physical and energetic systems back into balance.

As practiced at Singing Bird, acupuncture is quite safe. The practitioner washes her hands, swabs the points with alcohol and then swabs her hands with alcohol again. Only single-use, pre-packaged, disposable needles are used at Singing Bird.

After the needles are inserted they may be retained for 20 minutes or more. The patient may feel a dull pressure sensation at the sight of the needle, or sometimes nothing at all. When the needles are removed they are placed in a biohazard container and incinerated as required by law.

Sensitive people and young children need not undergo needles to benefit from traditional Chinese medicine as practiced at Singing Bird. We specialize in preparing effective herbal formulas and can forgo needles in favor of less invasive treatments in the clinic. [ top ]

Herbology is the study of medicinal herbs. Individual herbs may be used separately, as is common with Western herbalism, or together in a formula, as with traditional Chinese medicine. The herbalist has a multitude of issues to consider when recommending herbs for a patient, such as; absorbtion, toxicity, allergies, and potential drug interactions.

At Singing Bird we are trained and experienced in using herbs safely and responsibly for every patient. We stay abreast of the latest research available from credible sources. We only dispense herbs from suppliers that have passed GMP standards and manufacture herbs responsibly. Since there are many ways to administer herbs, such as; tea, pill, tincture, linament, or poultice, we can recommend a reliable local supplier if we don't have the recommended herbal products in the office. [ top ]

Acupressure/ tuina massage can be a treatment in itself, or used as an adjunct to acupuncture.acupressure for children Acupressure and tuina massage uses the acupuncture points and meridians of energy to engage the movement of Qi. It can enhance circulation and reduce inflammation. This mode of treatment is a good way for the needle-phobic to enjoy the benefits of Chinese medicine. In addition to feeling great, tuina massage can be taught to the patient, adults and children alike. When patients are involved in there own care, they heal faster. [ top ]

Guasha, cupping, moxibustion and auricular therapy (ear seed therapy), are all accessory techniques that may be used as part of Chinese medicine treatment. If any of these techniques are selected as part of your treatment plan, a Singing Bird practitioner will discuss the process with you before treatment.

Guasha is used in cases of muscle tension, pain or when a patient has an abundance of phlegm as with a cold or flu. Guasha is performed using a porcelain spoon and oil to rub the skin. Cupping can also be used in similar situations. The cupping technique involves placing suction cups on the surface of the skin to draw out toxins. Either technique can cause minor bruising or skin discoloration that will go away in a few days. Cupping or Guasha takes merely 5 to 10 minutes at the end of treatment. These techniques can be taught to a partner and can be performed safely at home.

Moxibustion is the process of burning the mugwort herb near an acupuncture point to warm the area and invigorate the Qi. Certainly one of the most ancient techniques of TCM, moxibustion can be a highly successful and inexpensive way for a well-informed patient to treat themselves in only 20 minutes a day!top ]

Auricular therapy, ear acupuncture, or ear-seed therapy are often used in detoxification programs, as well as programs that deal with withdrawl from addiction. This system of acupuncture was developed in France and adopted later by the Chinese. It is based on the idea of the entire body being represented on the surface of the ear. In some treatments, the practitioner may use both acupuncture and little seeds. The ear seeds are hypo-allergenic and the patient will get detailed instructions about care and removal at the time of treatment. Applying ear seeds takes only a few minutes!

vitamin rich blueberriesAt Singing Bird we can provide support for healthy nutritional choices. In Chinese medicine, organ systems are directly impacted by certain foods based on their flavor and inherent nature. Learning about the food we eat is wonderful way for everyone to take a more active role in their health! [ top ]

if you place the green bough in your heart, the singing bird will come. — chinese proverb