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Patients Are Raving About Portland Acupuncturist, Andrea P. Fisk

portland acupuncture for all ages L. G. took her sons to see Andrea for help with chronic ear infections, chronic sinusitis and insomnia. All three family members found relief for their problems. L. G. explains,

"What makes Andrea a great healer is not only that she is very knowledgable about acupuncture, massage and herbs, but she also has a wonderfully soothing personality. I took both my kids to her - one for insomnia and one for chronic ear infections. They both related to Andrea right away and were very comfortable with the therapy. My older son has had terrible trouble falling asleep for years, and we've tried so many things. Andrea taught us a guided meditation and a massage that we've done every night for the last 6 months and he now falls asleep in about 15 minutes. It's such a relief, both to him and us. As for my younger son and also myself, we have both seen Andrea for chronic sinusitis and ear infections and the acupuncture, herbs and acupressure helped us stay off the antibiotics. I would recommend Andrea highly!"—L. G., Portland, Oregon

Bryan found relief at Singing Bird Acupuncture LLC for tension in his back and shoulders, pain in his wrists, and multiple skin disorders. Bryan wrote,

"I began going to Singing Bird acupuncture as an experiment on myself. I felt some rather extreme tension in my back and shoulders and had become increasingly alarmed at the pain in my wrists. After explaining all this to Andrea she told me a few things that a regiment of acupuncture coupled with stretching exercises and a few herbs/supplements could help me with. She was right. After 4 visits I felt much more limber and this nagging tension/pain I was experiencing melted slowly away. On top of all that she managed to eradicate a majority of my psoriasis, dermatitis and various other skin disorders. I think I gained the most from the fact that during the treatments was the only time I was ever completely still. No constant musing or fretting about the future, no lights, no motorcars, not a single luxury. Awakening from that sort of mindset feeling renewed was just the catalyst I needed to get my act together and into PSU. All in all I am extremely grateful for having found Singing Bird acupuncture and don't think I would be as healthy or focused as I am today without the guidance and assistance that she has provided me. Thanks Andrea. See you soon."—Bryan, Portland, Oregon

Andrea helped K. B.'s young child with sensory integration disorder. Encouraged and empowered by the treatments, K. B. referred herself and her husband for help with their individual health concerns. K. B. wrote,

"Going to visit Andrea is like hanging out with a friend. She has a down-to-earth manner that puts you at ease, while imparting as much or as little information as needed.

I initially took my son to see Andrea about five months ago. He has sensory integration disorder and, though we have tried special diets, the acupressure and massage that Andrea uses (and taught me to do myself) have helped him to settle and focus. After I began to see these positive results, I decided to see Andrea and then encouraged my husband to go. She has helped us to understand how our physiological makeups support each other as well as our challenges.

Andrea always has a warm smile and goes out of her way to maintain communication between visits. It has been an absolute pleasure to see Andrea, and now the whole family enjoys a higher quality and more balanced well-being."—K.B., Portland, Oregon

D. B. appreciated Andrea's knowledge, skill and keen ability to listen. She also referred her pre-teen daughter for treatment. D. B. wrote,

"I have been working with Andrea for over two years now and have found her approach, knowledge and skill to be outstanding. Her ability to hear what I'm saying on multiple levels has been a true asset in healing what ails. Chinese medicine can require some effort from the patient and Andrea truly works to develop a treatment plan to meet with success. She has also worked with my preteen daughter resulting in an experience of trust and ease for her. I can't recommend Andrea's skill, talent and vivacious personality enough."—D.B., Portland, Oregon

R. B. was impressed by Andrea's diagnostic skills and he found relief for chronic problems. R. B. wrote,

"What I like most about visiting Andrea is the time she takes to talk with me before the actual treatment. We check in about what's been going on since our last appointment, as well as discuss how that's affecting me both physically and spiritually. She takes time to diagnose the full being - and the results are amazing. The acupuncture treatment, combined with herbal remedies and recommended exercises, has given me better energy and relief for problems that had persisted for years.

Andrea puts you at ease with her demeanor and has an intuitive, caring style of treatment. I'd recommend her to anyone who's interested in trying acupuncture."—R. B., Portland, Oregon

S. C. highly recommends Singing Bird Acupuncture LLC after Andrea treats her infant daughter for hypotonia. S. C. wrote,

"I took my infant daughter to Andrea to work on some gross motor delay issues. Andrea assessed her hypotonia, and started her with infant massage and a custom blend of herbs. Within weeks of the therapy (along with traditional physical therapy), Riley went from a baby who wasn't even rolling over to one who could get herself into a seated position and crawl. She's now working on pulling up to stand, and we are encouraged that Singing Bird played no small part in her development.

Andrea was so attentive and thoughtful with Riley, going above and beyond the call of duty to follow up on her therapy. I would highly recommend her services to compliment any healthcare regime you are following."—S. C., Portland, Oregon

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