C h i n e s e  m e d i c i n e  f o r  a l l   a g e s

Pediatrics: Children, Teens and Chinese Medicine

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We really love treating kids!

Chinese medicine is very successful at addressing children's issues. Children's young bodies are growing so rapidly that it is easy to affect change using minimal interventions and Chinese medicine theory. A gentle, individualized treatment strategy can be created to support both the child and family.

We also love working with families!

S. C. highly recommends Singing Bird Acupuncture LLC after Andrea treats her infant daughter for hypotonia. S. C. wrote,"I took my infant daughter to Andrea to work on some gross motor delay issues. Andrea assessed her hypotonia, and started her with infant massage and a custom blend of herbs. Within weeks of the therapy..."(read more)
When children are sick or have significant health issues it affects the entire family. Healing that encourages family participation can have a powerful and positive impact on family life. As a mother of two young children, Andrea P. Fisk has a first-hand view into the deep connections between parent and child. Andrea's top priority in treating children is to support this relationship by fostering a spirit of cooperation between parent, child, and practitioner. Treatment strategies created for children can include easy at-home interventions for parents and children to integrate into their daily routine. An enduring cycle of good health can be created through shared knowledge and healthy habits in our everyday lives.

First Visits

Children and parents can be nervous about coming into the office for the first time. Children cope with this anxiety in many different ways. There is no particular expectation for your child's performance on a first visit to Singing Bird Acupuncture LLC. It's actually best for Andrea to observe your child as they are in order for her to accurately see their overall pattern in Chinese medicine. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding traditional Chinese medicine and your child.

We use kid friendly techniques.

A multitude of techniques are used at Singing Bird to address health concerns of pediatric patients. Andrea often employs Chinese pediatric massage in treatments of children child walking in surfunder 12 years of age. Andrea uses this gentle intervention via Chinese Medicine theory to facilitate healing. Parents may learn some massage techniques from Andrea to practice on their children at home. In many cases, frequent at-home massage administered by parents can greatly enhance results and reduce the number of treatments neccesary.

Other non-acupuncture techniques we use are herbal therapy and auricular therapy. Acupuncture is used in cases where it is specifically necessary and is discussed beforehand with both parent and child. When acupuncture is used on a younger child, needles are only retained for a brief period of time while the child is resting comfortably in his or her parents' arms.

We like to treat kids for:

ADHD, ADD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Chinese medicine is fantastic at harmonizing energy imbalance with these conditions and at interpreting each individual's unique set of symptoms related to their diagnosis. Our treatment process can be a wonderful support for a family and child doing OT, PT or speech therapy and outside practitioners often notice the child's accelerated improvement while in treatment at Singing Bird.

Beginning Menstruation Issues

Issues such as painful periods, cycles that are too short or too long, and PMS are all addressed successfully with Chinese Medicine at Singing Bird. When menstruation begins for young women, the transition at each stage of the cycle should be smooth and seamless. Due to stress, diet, or genetic predisposition this does not always happen. Chinese medicine offers a great way to bring balance to the cycle and help teenage women get their cycles regulated and pain-free without drugs. An article in Chicago Magazine (Jan. 2005) titled, "The New Doctors" [PDF download] details a case in which a young woman under Andrea's care made a significant breakthrough in getting her menses on track for the first time.

Digestive Issues

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L. G. took her sons to see Andrea for help with chronic ear infections, chronic sinusitis and insomnia. All three family members found relief for their problems. L. G. explains, "What makes Andrea a great healer is not only that she is very knowledgable about acupuncture, massage and herbs, but she also..."(read more)
Chinese medicine can be a useful intervention for chronic stomach aches or pain, diarrhea, constipation, reflux, vomiting, or colitis.

Respiratory Issues

Conditions like asthma, allergies, frequent colds, ear infections, sinus infections, and lowered immunity are successfully addressed by Chinese medicine. At Singing Bird we feel it is important for people to both build their immune system and have a plan for when they get sick. A two tiered and pro-active support plan results in less illness, and greater vitality. In cases like asthma where an organ is weak or reactive, Chinese medicine supports overall organ health.

Skin Issues

Chinese medicine can be a useful intervention for acne, rashes, and eczema.

Sleep Issues

Chinese medicine is a useful intervention for insomnia, sleep walking, growing pains, and lethargy.

Weight loss or Weight gain

Chinese medicine supports healthy digestion and regulates metabolism.

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